Your Lifetime investment

The company was established following its actual separation from the parent company (Suez Canal Insurance) in mid of 2012 in accordance with the Supervision and Control Law No. 118 of 2008, which obligates insurance companies that combine the activities of people and property insurance to separate the two activities.

Suez Canal Life Insurance Company has started to operate as an independent entity registered under No. (31) of the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA), the issued and paid up capital of the company is 60 million EGP distributed to shareholders according to the following statement:

  • Suez Canal Insurance Company with 80
  • Green Valley Company for Investment & Development with 10.56%
  • Employees Fund of Suez Canal Authority with 9.02%
  • Employees Fund of Arab Contractors with 0.36%
  • Share of individual shareholders with 0.06%
Suez Canal Life Insurance Company occupies a distinguished position in the Egyptian insurance market as a result of its policies to attract customers and achieve growth in general with the efficiency of performance of services to customers through its branches spread throughout the country and working to provide all the insurance coverage needed by the market and availability of principles of efficiency and fairness to achieve the ultimate goal is the ease of issuing and fulfilling the payment of claims as soon as possible by gaining the trust and satisfaction of the customers and contributing to the development and preservation of the national economy through the provision of effective insurance coverage.

Suez Canal Life Insurance Company is a company with a long history and huge transactions that appear through the list of valued customers.

The company strives to achieve its goals through an interconnected and integrated team of the administrative employees and productive apparatus at a high level of competence, which owes loyalty and belonging to the company, and works on continuous development through the development of human resources internally and externally to achieve the highest performance rates.

Therefore, Suez Canal life insurance Company since its establishment, and it is keen to develop its policies and services to meet the requirements of its valued customers in Egypt through many types of insurance services for people (including individual insurance for people, group insurance for people, retirement insurance and periodic payments, medical insurance) and designed specifically to suit the diverse insurance needs of individuals and groups.

The company also deals with the major reinsurance companies, Munich ReRGA - CCR - Arch ReAfrica , which they are rated as first class companies according to the assessment of international companies of the international classification.

In order to serve our valued customers in a manner that satisfies them, we have provided a network of branches covering various regions of the country through many branches, its main head office in Giza governorate, providing easy procedures at concluding the insurance contract and at the payment of benefits or claims to achieve the ultimate goal which is easy to issue the policies and fulfill the payment of claims as soon as possible, by winning trust and customer satisfaction to achieve our slogan "Distinguished Insurance Service."