Your Lifetime investment

The praise and thanks to God, Suez Canal Life Insurance Company has started the march of giving in the Egyptian insurance market following its actual separation from the parent company (Suez Canal Insurance) in mid of 2012 and A new strategy has been developed that is consistent with the Board's vision to maximize its portfolio of individual and group policies.

The company's management has adopted this policy in the form of support to the administrative employees and productive apparatus, and opening communication channels with the major clients in the Egyptian market and expanding the scope of this communication to include all economic and vital fields in Egypt.

We believe that the most important assets of this company are its human resources and the potential strength that drives this economic locomotive,therefore, the development of the human element by training and increasing their skills lead to achieve this goal, and we had prepared a training plan for the administrative employees and agents.

On the other hand, the company is seeking to improve its branches throughout the country, in which we have opened several new branches to reach the best distinguished insurance service to our valued customers and our partners in making this success.

Since the company's establishment, we have obtained many approvals from the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) for a number of new policies which we will take the lead in the Egyptian market for proposing them.

Chief Executive Officer

Hesham Ramadan